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We are proud to provide the following services to our clients, we appreciate you spending the time to learn more about it.  For more information about us, or any of the  services we provide.
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Designing a web site is the selection and coordination of available components to create the layout and structure of web pages which forms a web site.
At Angels Web Solutions our team of professional designers will build the best layout that perfectly fits your type of business, and satisfy your business needs, and will enhance your web site with extras (i.e. Flash Movies, Streaming audio and video, etc.). We will discuss every detail with you, while your site is being planned, to assure you the best image for your company online.
We offer wide range of pre-designed web sites, ready to be customized to your own needs, or if you prefer to have a new layout designed specifically for your, or if you have a dream design in mind, we can make a reality. Simply you dream it, and we will build it!
whether it is a small business, big company, non-profit organization, church, or even a personal web site; we are big enough to do the job, small enough to care.

Site Design includes:

Layout design of site's navigation
Color scheme Font styles
Style Guide (CSS) Frames
Developing web content includes defining and gathering information about the web's audience, purpose, objectives, and policies, evaluating information consistency and correctness creating a map of the relationships among pages of the web and the look and feel of individual pages, and implementation using HTML, XML, DHTML Coding, ASP, VBScript, CGI, Perl, JavaScript Scripting, Java, C++, C, Visual Basic programming.
Did you know that the color changing navigation bar requires a simple amount of scripting.
Angels Web Solutions is proud to have an experienced team of experts, whom will get the job done regardless of how big or small it is, we will make sure that your site is functioning the way it should.
As you can see from the list above, we only use the latest technologies in our website designs. Every website we build is optimized for the latest browsing software, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape Navigator 4.7+, and  Firefox.
Your web site must physically reside on a computer with special software (Server), which is permanently connected to the internet with a high-speed connection and be monitored to make sure it is always available and accessible for everybody on the internet.  This is simply what hosting is. 
With our state of the art servers, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your web site will be up 99.9% of the time.  Also if you don't have a Domain Name for your site, let us know and we can register your site.
We don't charge any set-up fee, if you decide to host your site with us.
Site promotion is loosely defined as, "the process of actively advancing a website on the Internet, through various means (i.e. - search engine submissions, purchasing advertising, generating links on other sites, etc.).  Our basic service at Angels Web Solutions includes submitting your site to more than 39 of the most popular search engines ( like: Google, Yahoo, ...) free of charge, and that can be expanded to 1000's of search engines for a nominal fee.  We also promote your site, through our extensive background research of your industry, before and during the development and production process. We research several sites within your industry, which are regarded as the "top players". Documentation is formed on these "top players", which will form a collective overview of your industry's position online. Many companies spend literally millions of dollars on their websites to promote the position of their business image online. We look at the strong points, as well as the weak points of these major businesses and see how we can improve upon what they have done. So you do not have to pay us millions for your finished image!

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