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 web sites
We have grouped our web site work into two categories:
  1. Live (Completely developed and running) sites, and
  2. Web Site Templates.

Click on one of the above links to view its sample sites.

These represent a sampling of our work over the years, however, they do not represent all of our capabilities: like many companies, some of our best work is secured behind corporate firewalls, or on the Administrative side of public sites.

We would, of course, be glad to demo these private applications for you: just contact us to discuss further.

  We are proud to present our AWS clock.  AWS (Angels Web Solutions) Desktop Clock is our very own clock utility for your desktop. We offer it FREE of charge for Unlimited trial days. We have different versions of the clock, so if you have received a CODE use it to get your customized clock.

As a thank you to our clients, we offer a FREE clock customized for your business to be offered to your clients for free, with the purchase of web site package.  You can customize the 'skins' of the clock the way you like, and however you think it will suite your clients needs.  ASK US HOW?

If you are in need for a software, that might help in your everyday business activities, or any other software you might ever need.  We probably can develop it for you for less than any of our competitive.  Get a Quote Today.

   graphics and banners  

While you've Surfed the Net you have no doubt noticed the large number of banner ads at the top, sides or bottoms of many commercial web sites. The majority of these banner owners have paid for or established some kind of synergistic (banner exchange) link for their ad placement.

Two primary categories of banner advertising:
They are: free banner exchanges and paid banner advertising. A site providing you with a banner can only guarantee that people will see your ad. They cannot guarantee that anyone will read it or click through to your site. Your chances of getting click-throughs increase when you develop effective banner advertising that motivates people to see your site. This can be done by offering information or products of value if the viewer clicks on your banner, or by making the banner attractive or animated enough to encourage a person to click on it to find out what it's all about. Among the 120 million plus people using the web, some are bound to be in the market for your product or service. The average click through to most web sites is roughly 2 to 5 percent. Now that's not bad if your banner advertisement is placed on a high traffic site -- say like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft or Amazon.com, where you can:.

  • Alert Internet users about your business or services
  • Raise brand and product awareness
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Increase product / service sales

Banner advertising forms the majority of advertising on the Web. It is a powerful advertising medium that can be used for both brand awareness and direct marketing campaigns.
An advertising banner is a graphic image on a web page that is linked to a location chosen by the advertiser, often the advertiser's website).

You can view variety of our banners here.  You can also Contact Us to make a preview of your own custom banner.

   PDF (Portable Document Format) files  
  Angels Web Solutions makes it very easy to fill out a form electronically using your computer instead of printing it then typing it, you can just fill out the fields, then print out the complete printed form.  Whether it is a government form, in-house form or any type of public or private forms, we can make it fillable for you.  We can also design your form or invoice or any other publication for your business.  Angels Web Solutions can make web pages that can fill out an interactive PDF form containing multiple text and checkbox fields.  It can also create a PDF file, form, or invoice that can be sent directly to your customers client.  Thinking secure documents, we can create secure PDF files with different user and owner permission.

You might ask, Why PDF?
Open format — De facto standard for more secure, dependable electronic information exchange — recognized by industries and governments around the world. Compliant with industry standards including PDF/A, PDF/X, and PDF/E.

Multiplatform — Viewable and printable on any platform — Macintosh, Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, and many mobile platforms.

Extensible — More than 1,800 vendors worldwide offer PDF-based solutions including creation, plug-in, consulting, training, and support tools.

Trusted and reliable — More than 200 million PDF documents on the web today serve as evidence of the number of organizations that rely on Adobe PDF to capture information.

Maintain information integrity — Adobe PDF files look exactly like original documents and preserve source file information — text, drawings, 3D, full-color graphics, photos, and even business logic — regardless of the application used to create them.

Keep information secure — Digitally sign or password-protect Adobe PDF documents created with Adobe Acrobat® 8 or Adobe LiveCycle™ software.

Searchable — Leverage full-text search features to locate words, bookmarks, and data fields in documents.

Accessible — Adobe PDF documents work with assistive technology to help make information accessible to people with disabilities.

Click Here to check out demos of our work!


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