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Do I need a web site?


If you have a business, you need to expand the base that you advertise to through reaching out to the internet users base.  The internet advertising is an increasingly expanding market, and will eventually become as popular and effective as TV and Newspapers.
For a family it is nice to have a web site to share family stuff among your family through a private site or to the whole world, where you can post pictures, messages, news, etc.      


What can you do for me?

At Angels Web Solutions, we handle the transaction from A to Z.  We try our best to make it easy for you to have a web site up and running.  We do web Design, Domain Name Service, Web Hosting.  We do it either all in one package or as a separate services.  We also maintain and update your web site.       
What is Domain Name Service (DNS)?
Domain Name Service (DNS) is the name that you register your web site with, which links to your web site.  So that anybody that types this name anywhere in the world will end up at your web site.
Ex: type www.AngelsWebSolutions.net and you will get to our web site.   

What is Hosting (Web Hosting)?

Once your website is completed the site must be placed on a web "Server" (a computer which is permanently connected to the Internet). This means that your site can be accessed anywhere around the world at any time. Angels Web Solutions has the capacity to "Host" your site on our server.     


What is web design?

The selection and coordination of available components to create the layout and structure of a web site.    


What do I need to know to start a web site with you?


Absolutely nothing.  You provide us with your company's name, logo, address, phone and fax numbers, and tell us a little about the services provided by your company.  In short, we just need to know about your company, and your services and/or products.  Then, our team of professionals will design and build your web site, and voila your site is ready and running in no time.  


Why choose you to take care of my web needs?

Fast, Professional, Affordable. 

This is our commitment to you: To provide you with the best professional work you deserve, in the fastest time possible, at the cheapest price in the market.




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