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 letter T
below are the words that starts with the letter T, scroll down to view more words, or Click Here to go back to ALL LETTERS.


 text wrap
A page layout term that refers to the way text can be wrapped around the edges of an image or shape. Sometimes called runaround.   
A reduced image of a graphic or page, used in order to view several images on a screen at one time. This enables downloading images more quickly.   
Tagged Image File Format. A graphic file format used for high resolution bitmapped images.   
A shade of a color made by adding white to a solid color.   
Adjusting (increasing or decreasing) the space between type characters in a selected allotment of text.   
 transparent GIF
A feature of the GIF89a image file format that lets a designer designate one color in the image's palette as transparent. This enables the background to show through designated parts of an image.   
Printing one ink over another, preventing gaps or misregistration between two adjacent elements.   
 trim marks
Marks at the corner of an image pointing out where to trim a printed page. Also called crop marks or corner marks.   
Any two facing pages of a publication where the content traverses the gutter to cover the two center pages of a section. Also known as a double truck or double-page spread.   
 True Type
A digital font technology developed as alternative to PostScript. One True Type file is used for screen display and printing.   
A number, letter or glyph drawn in a huge variety of designs, sizes and weights that belongs to a type family.   
The style or design of a font such as Helvetica. For example, the type family Helvetica contains the typefaces Helvetica, Helvetica Bold, Helvetica Italic and Helvetica Bold Italic. Whereas 10pt Helvetica Bold refers to a font.   
 type family
A full range typefaces that are variations on the same design.   

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