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 letter R
below are the words that starts with the letter R, scroll down to view more words, or Click Here to go back to ALL LETTERS.


An image or graphic defined by pixels. A rasterized image can be very detailed, such as a photograph, but lacks the ability to be resized without loss of quality.   
The maximum number of pixels that can be displayed on a monitor. Also the degree of quality with which an image is reproduced or displayed.   
Represents the colors Red, Green and Blue. Mixing these three colors can display most of the visible color spectrum on a monitor. Primarily used for video and web graphics.   
A printed or displayed line used to separate text or graphics.   
A page layout term that refers to the way text can be wrapped around the edges of an image or shape. Sometimes called text wrap.   
A special-purpose computer (or software package) that handles the connection between 2 or more networks. Routers spend all their time looking at the destination addresses of the packets passing through them and deciding which route to send them on.See   

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