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 letter K
below are the words that starts with the letter K, scroll down to view more words, or Click Here to go back to ALL LETTERS.


Represents the color black, a primary printing process color. Black is shown by the letter K which stands for the key plate, a printing plate that helps position and register other colors.   
Adjusting (increasing or decreasing) the space between adjoining type characters.   
 kearning pair
Two adjoining type characters to which a particular kearning value is applied.   
 kearning value
The space between two adjoining type characters. This value is usually measured in em.   
 key letters/numbers
Letters or numbers added to specific images or pictures on a page that link to a corresponding caption.   
A line drawing that indicates the size, shape and position for elements such as halftones and type.   
 key plate
A printing term referring to a printing plate (usually the black plate) used as a guide to position and register additional colors.   
A printing process used to "knockout" an area of the background color by a foreground object that has been masked off. The background area being masked off does not print.   
a word or brief phrase given a directory or search engine in order to retrieve links to related web sites. Because search engines create their indexes based on the occurrences of such phrases, proper keyword selection and placement is vital to SEO.   

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