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 letter J
below are the words that starts with the letter J, scroll down to view more words, or Click Here to go back to ALL LETTERS.


An outer covering for a book. The jacket folds around the book, but does not attach to it. Originally created to protect the binding and keep out dust, but now used for more for marketing purposes.   
A jagged look of an image or type that happens when the resolution is inadequate or when images have been increased. The square pixels that make up the image are then visable to the naked eye. Also called aliasing.   
A programming language created by Sun Microsystems. Java is primarily used for applying dynamic effects to websites in the form of downloadable, stand-alone applications called "applets". Java applets can run in Java-capable web browsers or any system/setting that supports Java.   
Netscape's cross-platform scripting language that provides a more simple method (as opposed to Java) of applying dynamic effects to websites. Microsoft supports a similar language called JScript.   
Joint Photographic Experts Group is the name of the committee that designed the standard image compression algorithm. The JPEG file format was designed for compressing full color or grayscale digital images such as photographs. It does not work so well on images that use only a few colors.   
Distributing space between words and letters in lines of text so that the left and right edges are "flush", with the exception of the last line in a paragraph. Also called justified.   

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