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 letter I
below are the words that starts with the letter I, scroll down to view more words, or Click Here to go back to ALL LETTERS.


 image editor
A pixel-based application (such as Adobe Photoshop) used for manipulating scanned or computer generated images.   
 image map
A website term that refers to an image containing embedded links to urls, images or documents. A link is activated when clicking on the proper area of the image.   
 Interlaced GIF
A feature of the GIF89a (Graphics Interchange Format) file format that displays images in two passes of alternating lines rather than loading images one line at a time.   
The interconnected structure of networks connecting computers around the world.   
Letterforms that slant. (like this)   
 Interactive Websites
Interactive websites are those which allow visitors to perform tasks and get a response from the website, rather than just view information. Common examples of this are : registering for a newsletter searching for information buying products   
 ISP (Internet Service Provider)
An ISP provides you with access to the Internet either by dialing up through their server, or with a direct connection. There are a large number of ISPs offering different plans at different rates. Most ISPs provide services such as Email and web hosting. Some even provide free space for a personal web page. This is not usually suitable for business purposes. You do not have to host your website with your ISP.   
A private network inside a company or organization that uses the same kinds of software that you would find on the public Internet, but that is only for internal use.As the Internet has become more popular many of the tools used on the Internet are being used in private networks, for example, many companies have web servers that are available only to employees. Note that an Intranet may not actually be an internet -- it may simply be a network.   
 IP Number
Sometimes called a dotted quad. A unique number consisting of 4 parts separated by dots, e.g. Every machine that is on the Internet has a unique IP number - if a machine does not have an IP number, it is not really on the Internet. Most machines also have one or more Domain Names that are easier for people to remember.   
(Integrated Services Digital Network) -- Basically a way to move more data over existing regular phone lines. ISDN is rapidly becoming available to much of the USA and in most markets it is priced very comparably to standard analog phone circuits. It can provide speeds of roughly 128,000 bits-per-second over regular phone lines. In practice, most people will be limited to 56,000 or 64,000 bits-per-second. ISP (Internet Service Provider) -- An institution that provides access to the Internet in some form, usually for money.   
Adobe's graphic design software that uses vector technology. I created my logo using Illustrator.   

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