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Below are some samples of up and running sites we have developed.  Feel free to check them out. Let us know what do you think Here.

If you would like to see a lot more of web site templates that we offer for free.  Please check out our site templates here.

 Michael Technology Charitable Organization (www.MTCO.org)
Our mission is toHelp establish integrated Pest Management, Post Harvest and Food Technology to developing countries and to Help setting up medical clinics in developing countries to help the unfortunate.


 Covina arthritis (wWW.covinaarthritis.com)
Dr. Metyas's offices in Covina offer patients state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, lupus, and other connective tissue diseases. 


   oasis of living water (www.oasisOfLivingWater.org)  
   This is my humble way of thanksgiving to the great creator the lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings that he has giving me in my life. I hope you find it in your heart to spread the word of our God to "All Nations", so that everybody will hear the message of true teachings of Christianity.                   Dr. Victor Anis



 Assyrian audio bible (www.assyrianAudioBible.org)

  We thank the lord to have it in your hearts to visit this humble site and share the word of God with us. This modest work of faith is still in the early stages. Please pray to the Lord to enable us to be the meek laborers for His harvest. 

   Arabic for all (www.ArabicForAll.mine.Nu)  
  This is Arabic For All web site
Our Goal: Teaching the Arabic Language as a Second Language classes
Founder: Botros Youssef
Since: 1998



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